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Longyan City Samhar Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is located in, Longyan Xinluo District Longzhou Industrial Park. It is a technology-based private enterprise specializing in the production of micron-sized Comminution Machine equipment. Shanhe Machinery won the title of Fujian Technology-based Enterprise.  The company has many patents for inventions and utility models....



  • SHM-309 was officially put into production in Guangxi

    Samhar ultra-fine ring roller mill is mainly used for ultra-fine grinding of non-metallic ores, and is widely used in industries such as heavy calcium, barite, dolomite, and phosphate rock.

  • Samhar is serious about taking the road of green development!

    What are the advantages of Samhar Smart Calcium Hydroxide Production Line?

  • Five minutes to understand the characteristics of the roller mill

    As the backbone equipment of the non-metallic mineral ultrafine grinding industry, the ring roller mill has become a necessary equipment for countless powder manufacturers. This article will briefly talk about the characteristics of the ring roller mill.

  • What are the processing machine for calcium carbonate powder?

    Heavy calcium carbonate is widely used in industries such as paint, rubber, plastics, construction, papermaking, and feeding. So what equipment are used for processing? Today we will introduce the grinding technology and processing equipment of heavy calcium.

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