SHM-89 Ultrafine Roller Mill

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Abstract:It is suitable for the crushing of brittle materials with hardness less than 5 grades, such as heavy calcium, barite, talc, gypsum, etc.

SHM-89 high-speed grinding, is the most mature ultra-fine grinding equipment of our company. The equipment is summarized according to our many years of practical experience. The principle of impact, extrusion and grinding is used to pulverize the material and pulverize multiple layers and multiple layers. The equipment is small and sophisticated, and has successfully helped hundreds of powder companies to solve many crushing problems. It is a must-have for small and medium-sized powder enterprises.



  Mainly used for crushing brittle materials with hardness less than 5 grades, such as heavy calcium (calcite, marble, dolomite, etc.), barite, phosphate rock, petroleum coke, white carbon black, brucite, aluminum hydroxide, titanium Crushing of white powder, wollastonite, kaolin, rare earth, graphite, mica and other materials.


 Product Advantages 』

1. Exclusive patent, structural innovation: Compared with the domestic similar ring roll grinding products, the crushing pair adopts a combined structure, the transmission spindle adopts a polygonal diamond structure, the equipment has strong crushing ability, less maintenance and low use cost.

2. High content of 2μm micropowder: Breaking through the bottleneck of low powder content of 2μm on the market, one-time processing is fine powder of<6μm (under the standard of 97%), and fine powder below 2μm accounts for more than 50%.

3. The crushing ratio is large, and the capacity utilization rate is high: The calcium carbonate pellets with a feed size of<10 mm are processed into a micropowder of <10 μm in one time (under a standard of 97%), the content of the fine powder is high, and the specific surface area of the product is large.

4. The product has good particle size and stable performance: SHM-89 mainframe are equipped with built-in classification mechanism. The grading wheel has a unique structure, good grading effect, concentrated powder particles and no large particle pollution.

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