CJM-H Ultrafine Pulverizer for Ca(OH)2

Time:2019-04-25 | Tour:2613

Samhar ash calcium mill have carried out repeated trials and improvements through technological innovation and technology update, and solved various production defects of ash-calcium equipment on the market today. This set of equipment has many advantages and can help gray calcium enterprises improve finished white. Degree, fineness, fluidity and activity are the leaders in ash-calcium production equipment.


Technical Advantages

1. High classification accuracy: The self-produced vertical grading system has a unique structure and a number of advanced technologies. The cutting size is narrow, the powder is evenly concentrated, and there is no coarse particle contamination, which can be freely adjusted from 2 to 100 microns.

2. Simple structure, less maintenance and maintenance: The main structure of this model consists of a wear-resistant grinding disc, a welded hard alloy hammer and a high-chromium fixed ring gear. In addition, there are not too many moving parts, so the equipment maintenance cost is low, it is convenient, and the use cost is low.

3. Technology slag discharge, clean and energy saving: The rational slag powder separation system utilizes the principle of feed gas ratio, can fully separate the coal slag and the core stone, reduces the number of invalid pulverization, is conducive to improve product purity, and greatly improve the utilization rate of raw materials. The collection system uses a negative pressure fully enclosed pulse bag to collect the powder, and the dust is not leaked, which meets environmental protection requirements.

Technical Parameters