CJM-Q light calcium depolymerization mill

Time:2019-04-25 | Tour:2645

    CJM-Q Samhar Light Calcium Mill have unique pulverization and grading structure, which overcomes the problem of light and sticky light calcium powder. It is developed on the basis of our innovative nano-calcium depolymerization machine. The operation reliability is higher, the maintenance is more convenient, the non-stick powder is used, and the cost per ton is low.


Technical Advantages

1. Automated production, no need to replace the screen: Samhar light calcium mill use a classifier to adjust the fineness, reduce the manual detection of broken net leakage, and do not have to worry about the problem of thick powder running.

2. Increase the sink value: Samhar light calcium mill adopts a unique crushing and grading structure to overcome the problem of light and sticky light calcium powder. The fineness of the product is better, the particle size distribution is narrow, and there is no coarse particle pollution, which can increase the sedimentation volume by 0.3-0.8. More suitable for high-end industries.

3. The principle of depolymerization is more advanced: In addition to the effect of powder breakage and pulverization, the crushing impeller of this machine also rotates the wind flow to form numerous powerful eddy currents, which allow the powders to collide with each other in a large space to be fully depolymerized.

4. Can pass hot air: In the process of pulverization and dispersing, a high-temperature circulating wind is formed, so that the heat energy is repeatedly used without being lost, the powder is further dried, the moisture content is reduced, the pressure of the drying box is reduced, and the drying efficiency is improved.

Technical Parameters