GX Series Modified activation machine

Time:2019-06-20 | Tour:2610

    There are some problems with the modified equipment on the market, and it is difficult to solve the needs of high-end powder enterprises. Such as the disadvantages of unsustainable production and false agglomeration in the presence of high agitators; the three-roller has problems such as low activation rate, high energy consumption, and iron pollution. Through the unremitting efforts of the Samhar technical team, the company independently developed the mountain and modified activation machine. The equipment overcomes these technical problems, the activation rate is freely adjustable from low to high, no false agglomeration, low energy consumption, no iron pollution. And sustainable production. Can be applied to barite, wollastonite, quartz and other industries.


Technical Advantages

1. Can overcome the problem of false agglomeration:Because the SAMAHR modified activation machine have a grading system, the false agglomerated particles can be directly returned to reactivate, so the false agglomeration problem common to other reforming machines is completely overcome.

2. The activation rate can be adjusted,can reach to 96%: The height of the activation chamber is higher than that of the general modification machine, the chamber capacity is large, and the classifier can reactivate the powder with lower activation degree back to the activation chamber for activation. The activation rate can be controlled by adjusting the speed of the classifier. Therefore, the activation rate of the mountain and the modified activation machine is controllable, and the actual effect is good. It has been proved by practice that the activation rate of white carbon black and acicular wollastonite is over 99%.

3. The activation principle is more advanced: The rotor not only can activate and stir the powder itself, but also acts as a fan, rotating the wind flow, forming numerous powerful eddy currents, allowing the powder to collide with each other in a large space to obtain sufficient friction. And activation. This has three advantages, one is to improve efficiency, the activation degree is better; the second is to save energy and increase production; the third is to reduce the loss of wearing parts such as blades and save costs.

Technical Parameters