SHM-309 Ultrafine Roller Mill

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    SHM-309 high-speed ring roller mill is a large-scale ultra-fine powder equipment independently developed by our company based on domestic and international market demand and years of practical experience. The equipment can be used in the large-scale production of high-end powders, adapting to the development trend of small ascending regulations under the environmental protection situation. The equipment has been used by many large-scale high-end powder producers in Vietnam for more than two years. At present, the equipment is stable in operation and low in maintenance rate, and has been widely praised. It is the first choice for the upgrading of powder enterprises.



    Mainly used for crushing of brittle materials with hardness less than 5 grades, such as heavy calcium (calcite, marble, dolomite, etc.), barite, phosphate rock, talc, gypsum, petroleum coke, white carbon black, brucite, hydrogen Milling of alumina, titanium dioxide, wollastonite, kaolin, rare earth, graphite, mica and other materials.


Technical Advantages

1. Large size and high output:SHM-309 high-speed grinding is currently the world's largest technology-based high-end powder equipment, breaking through the technical problems of low output in the production of ultra-fine powder in the ring mill.

2. Ultra-fine pulverization, fineness can be compared with vertical grinding: The calcium carbonate pellets having a feed size of<10 mm can be processed into ultrafine powders of less than 3 μm at one time. And the one-time fineness index is similar to the second grade of vertical mill.

3. High content of fine powder and large specific surface area: Compared with other ring roll products on the market, SHM-309 high-speed grinding has a high content of fine powder, especially high content of -2μm fine powder, large specific surface area and uniform particle size distribution.

4. High stability and low maintenance rate: SHM-309 high-speed grinding is a large-scale equipment developed by our company on the basis of other mature ring roll mills and according to domestic and international market demand. The equipment not only inherits the advantages of high stability and low maintenance rate of the original organic type, but also fully meets the needs of sustainable development of high-end powder enterprises.

5. Small investment and high cost performance: Although vertical mill is the mainstream product of large-scale powder equipment on the market, its investment cost is extremely high. The SHM-309 high-speed grinding, which is also a large-scale high-end powder equipment, is not only the lower investment cost, but also has low energy consumption and high cost performance. It is the best choice for the majority of powder enterprises.

Technical Parameters


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