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Application of white carbon black in superfine dry powder fire extinguishing agent

Time:2019-09-02 | Tour:1849

 Samhar coating mill effect is more than expected, but the equipment manufacturing cycle takes one month! Customers can't wait. As a result, Shanhe Company helped him to process 10 tons for the first time and 25 tons for the second time, and finally completed the task satisfactorily.

Slowly, the magical effect of the Samhar coating mill reached a senior person in white carbon black. He found Samhar set up a new project department with Shanshan and the company to prepare a new white carbon black with low cost, good fineness and high modification rate, which is mainly used for fire dry powder fire extinguishing agent.

  After two months of technical research and development, several adjustments to the formula, this product finally came out. After the Omega P9 instrument test, the fineness is 8 microns, the activation degree is as high as 99%, and the water is clear and not turbid. The partner said: The white carbon black is so light, the modification effect is so good, it is really not easy to achieve.

Below: Modified ultrafine white carbon black powder