CJM-W Impact mill white carbon black

Time:2019-09-07 | Tour:2414

   As an environmentally friendly and excellent auxiliaries, white carbon black is widely used in rubber products (including high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber), textiles, paper, pesticides, food additives and many other fields. Aiming at the light weight of white carbon black, Samhar R&D team have made many researches and experiments, and Samhar impact mill for white carbon black came out. The equipment was quickly recognized by the market.


Technical Advantages

1. The principle of pulverization is advanced and the fineness is better: the raw material feeds into the cyclone volute under the action of the negative pressure fan, so that the material and the air are fully mixed to form a certain concentration of the gas mixture ratio; The high-speed rising airflow sends the material to the high-speed rotor and the stator to form a collision, shear, extrusion and pulverization. It can pulverize ordinary powder of 10um or more, or crush ultrafine powder of 4~10um.

2. Innovative crushing structure, energy saving and overall productivity: adopting the innovative crushing structure of “single layer hammer + double hammer”, reducing weight and increasing crushing passage by 50%, crushing efficiency is 30%, in the same customer Compared with the same raw materials and the same operator, the company's equipment consumes about 30% less energy than other equipment of the same type, which is significantly more energy efficient.

3. Durable, less maintenance on downtime: The wearing parts are made of hard alloy material. Under normal circumstances, it can be used for more than 2-3 years, which greatly reduces the number of disassembly repairs. This model has the unique advantage of zero failure and extremely low cost of use.

Technical Parameters