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Samhar machinery overcome the problem of lightweight material crushing

Time:2019-09-07 | Tour:1865

    The so-called lightweight materials refer to materials with small specific gravity, such as white carbon black, zinc stearate, AC foaming agent and other chemical raw materials, raw materials such as starch, and non-metallic mineral raw materials such as graphite.

   For example, white carbon black, whether domestic or foreign, mechanical pulverizer can only achieve D50 is more than 10 microns, if it is lower than 10μm, generally use airflow grinding. For example, it is pulverized into 5-6 micron white carbon black, and Degussa uses the German NETZSCH airflow mill.

   However, the jet mill is not only expensive, but also has high energy consumption. It can smash a ton of white carbon black, and the photoelectric consumption costs thousands of yuan.

    In view of the difficult problem of light material crushing, Samahr Machinery invested a lot of manpower materials and borrowed many kinds of crushing principles at home and abroad. After three years of painstaking research, the crushing technology finally achieved a major breakthrough. At present, white carbon black can achieve D50= 4-6 microns, reaching the international advanced level.

   This technology is not only suitable for white carbon black, but also for other non-metallic mineral raw materials, chemical raw materials, pesticide raw materials, food raw materials, etc. which are relatively small (light).

   For example, a well-known starch company in Xiamen uses two sets of equipment from Samhar Company. The fineness and uniformity of the starch produced far exceeds that of its peers, and its products are supplied to many Fortune 500 companies.

   For another example, in the stearic acid industry, many well-known manufacturers in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam use Samhar's special crusher for lightweight materials (CJM-B type). The fineness of production is up to 1250 mesh, which has reached the fineness level of jet mill, and the demand for products is in short supply. .

   Others, such as AC foaming agent, graphite industry, there are many successful cases, welcome customers to request information.