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Your crushing problem is being used by others to make a fortune!

Time:2019-09-09 | Tour:1899

   2018 has passed, and the smashing problems are being quietly solved. They are making a lot of money and now a few times, for example!

No1 Ultrafine crushing of lightweight material is being overcome

   The so-called lightweight material refers to materials with a small specific gravity, such as white carbon black. Domestic mechanical pulverizers can only achieve D50 greater than 10 microns. If it is lower than 10μm, airflow grinding is generally required. However, the airflow mill is expensive and has high energy consumption. At present, the domestic mechanical crushing technology has made a breakthrough, and can achieve D50 = 4-6 microns, reaching the international advanced level. This technology is applicable to non-metallic mineral raw materials, chemical raw materials, pesticide raw materials, food raw materials, etc. with relatively small specific gravity (light weight).

No2 is still being crushed with liquid nitrogen? Why not consider the normal temperature smash?

   Many heat-sensitive materials must be pulverized by liquid nitrogen, such as PVA--this is a worldwide crushing problem. PVA is sensitive to temperature, it will change color when the temperature reaches 50 degrees or more, and it has toughness and must be brittle at low temperature to be crushed. At present, the domestic mechanical pulverization technology has made a breakthrough, and it can be pulverized at normal temperature, and the one-time discharge is qualified. Not only is it greatly cost-saving (the cost of liquid nitrogen is expensive), but the particle size is uniform (the fine powder causes the dissolution rate to be inconsistent). This technology is suitable for heat sensitive or tough materials.

No3 crushing and drying can be solved once

  Many materials need to be dried because too much water seriously affects powder performance and comminution efficiency. At present, some ultra-fine pulverizers have added the function of hot air, which can be smashed and dried, and the water can be adapted within 25%. This technology is suitable for materials with higher fineness requirements and reduced moisture.

No4 Materials with a high hardness of can also be ground with a ring roller.

  Before 2000, if the calcium is more than 400 mesh, it must be ball milled or imported from Germany. Since the advent of the ring roll mill, because of the small investment in ring roll grinding, good fineness and low energy consumption, it has almost monopolized the market of heavy calcium. However, the ring roll has a fatal flaw that cannot be used to pulverize high hardness materials. There are two reasons, one is that the wearing parts are not wear-resistant, and the other is that the wear of the wearing parts causes the whiteness of the powder to decrease. At present, domestic manufacturers use high-hardness wearing parts, fineness can be adjusted in 400-3000 mesh, high wear resistance, no blackening, saving more than 30% energy consumption than ball mill or airflow mill. This technology is suitable for materials with a Mohs hardness of 3.5-7.

No5 crushing - slagging can be done in one time

  Some materials have more impurities, such as wollastonite containing quartz and garnet, and gray calcium containing impurity slag head. At present, in order to solve this problem, the domestic pulverizer factory has developed a technology of smashing and slag discharging while slag discharging function is remarkable, and it has been successfully used in many industries. This technology is suitable for materials that require slag discharge while smashing.

No6 requires a shape? You may have!

  In fact, in the field of powder, many customers have certain requirements on the shape of the powder, such as wollastonite, which requires needle-like; mica, which requires sheet-like; graphite, which requires spherical shape. At present, domestic crusher manufacturers have developed various technologies to meet these requirements in order to meet these requirements.

 No7  Is the screen broken again? Why not know about the screen-free technology?

   For example, in the light calcium industry, airflow screens have been used for decades. The drawback of airflow screens is that the screens are frequently changed, and the iron ribbons are added to the powder after the screens are broken. This device does not have a screen to avoid this problem. Ordinary pulverizers either have low yields or are easy to stick to powder and cause frequent shutdowns, so they cannot adapt to the light calcium industry. There is a pulverizer factory in China that solves the problem of sticky powder, and the output is high, so the speed of advancement is very fast. This technique is suitable for viscous powders, or materials that were previously used to replace equipment.

No8 is a modification machine that combines the advantages of a high agitator and a three-head machine.

   At present, the powder modification generally adopts a high agitator or a continuous modification machine (three-head machine). The advantage of the high agitator is that the modification time is controllable, the modification effect is good, and the disadvantage is that continuous production cannot be performed; and the three-head machine The advantage is that it can be produced continuously, but the modification effect is not well controlled. At present, some manufacturers have designed a new type of modification machine, which can not only continuously produce, but also control the modification effect, and the energy consumption is still low.

No9 can replace the ring mill of the small vertical mill.

  In some industries, the fineness index is based on vertical grinding, and some are based on ring roller grinding. The output of the vertical grinding table is large, and the fineness index after the second classification is good, but the value of the coarse powder produced by the secondary classification is low, and the application of the industry is limited. Then, is there a pulverizer that can achieve the fine powder index of the second grading of vertical mill in one grading, and the output is quite considerable? At present, some domestic manufacturers have developed ultra-large ring roller mills, and the powder fineness index of one-time powder is similar to that of the vertical mill. This equipment is currently used in a large calcium plant in Vietnam for more than two years, and its performance is mature and stable.

No10 waste slag powder, it turns waste into treasure

  There are many industries that produce scrap or waste. Now that environmental protection is strict, the government generally requires enterprises to recycle and reuse. In fact, most of the scrap or waste can be reused using new crushing techniques, such as fly ash, fluorine paint, plastic trim...

The above is a technological breakthrough in the new material processing industry in the past one or two years. Due to space limitations, it is not listed one by one.