CJM-1000S Pulverizer for petroleum coke

Time:2019-09-09 | Tour:2465

When the petroleum coke special pulverizer is used to produce petroleum coke, it has a narrow distribution of production and granularity, and the largest cutting point is small, which can help the petroleum coke powder production enterprises to reduce production costs and improve product quality.


Technical Advantages

1. High yield, no coarse particle pollution: Compared with the domestic similar petroleum coke pulverizer, it has a multi-layer pulverizing structure, and the equipment has strong pulverizing ability. The finished powder has a high throughput rate of 200 mesh and no coarse particle pollution, which contributes to the powder burning without residue.

2. Good product granularity and stable performance: It has been proved by practice that SHM-S high-speed grinding is the ideal equipment for the current dry production of petroleum coke powder. The main machine is equipped with a built-in classification mechanism, the classification wheel has a unique structure, the classification effect is good, and the powder particles are concentrated.

Technical Parameters