Ultrafine Roller mill for CaCO3

Time:2019-09-10 | Tour:2675

  SHM high-speed grinding is a new type of superfine crushing equipment that combines the advantages of our company's research and development and comprehensive domestic ring roll grinding. SHM series high-speed grinding is used for heavy calcium pulverization, which has the advantages of high output, low energy consumption, low production cost and easy maintenance. It is a model of domestic dry superfine pulverizing equipment.



   Mainly used for crushing of brittle materials with hardness less than 5 grades, such as heavy calcium (calcite, marble, dolomite, etc.), barite, phosphate rock, talc, gypsum, petroleum coke, white carbon black, brucite, hydrogen Milling of alumina, titanium dioxide, wollastonite, kaolin, rare earth, graphite, mica and other materials.


Technical Advantages

1. Exclusive patent, structural innovation: The pulverizing sub-innovation adopts a combined structure, and the transmission main shaft adopts a polygonal rhombic structure, which has strong equipment crushing ability, low maintenance and low use cost.

2. Large crushing ratio and high energy utilization rate: The calcium carbonate pellets having a feed size of<10 mm are processed at one time into a micropowder of <10 μm (under a standard of 97%), the content of the fine powder is high, and the specific surface area of the product is large.

3, product granularity, stable performance: SHM high speed grinding is the ideal equipment for the current dry process of producing heavy calcium fine powder. The main machine is equipped with a built-in classification mechanism. The grading wheel has a unique structure, good grading effect, concentrated powder particles and no large particle pollution.

4, small wear and good shock absorption: The grinding ring is made of special wear-resistant alloy steel, and the service life is increased by 2~3 times. The main base is made of integral steel casting structure with high structural strength and good shock absorption performance.

Technical Parameters


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