CJM-F Impact mill for negative material

Time:2019-09-10 | Tour:2532

    This model is suitable for anode materials under specific gravity such as activated carbon and graphite, and adopts air suction type feeding under the hammer disc. This model has a hammerhead with two hammerheads, which has the advantages of high crushing efficiency, low energy consumption and good fineness.



Technical Advantages

1. Multiple smash, equal power, lower energy consumption: The negative electrode material pulverizer innovatively uses a multi-channel pulverizing device, which has a large pulverizing area, a long pulverizing path, high pulverizing efficiency, and lower power consumption than similar products.

2. The pulverization process temperature is low, ensuring less than 50 ° C: The negative material pulverizer uses airflow to move the animal material, and the high-pressure high-speed airflow can take away the temperature so that the internal temperature is close to room temperature. For chemical raw materials such as AC foaming agent, baking soda, zinc stearate, etc., the company uses a pulverizing chamber water circulation cooling system to further cool the main temperature generating area in the pulverizing process to ensure that the temperature is lower than 50 °C.

3. High classification accuracy: The company independently produces vertical grading system, with a number of advanced technologies, narrow cutting size, uniform concentration of powder, and can be freely adjusted from 3 to 300 microns.

4. High purity, no iron pollution: There is no direct contact between the hammer head and the ring gear in the grinding area, and there is no problem of "iron grinding iron". The wearing parts can be made of high-hardness metal materials, which do not pollute the final product and ensure the purity of the powder.

5. Small investment and low energy consumption: The CJM-F type pulverizer has a small investment and is extremely cost-effective. In the case of the same fineness and output, the energy consumption per ton of product is only about 50~70% of the mechanical pulverizer, which is about 20~30% of the jet mill, so it is very popular among enterprises.

Technical Parameters