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The cost of liquid nitrogen pulverization is high, why not consider the normal temperature smash?

Time:2019-09-10 | Tour:1874

   Many heat sensitive materials must be pulverized with liquid nitrogen, such as PVA - a worldwide crushing problem. PVA is sensitive to temperature, and when it reaches 40 degrees or above, it will change color and foam. Moreover, many of these materials have strong toughness, and the general pulverizer is basically helpless in the face of such materials.

   Such materials tend to become brittle at low temperatures, and the low temperature liquid nitrogen pulverizer is widely used for this property.

    However, liquid nitrogen costs are high. Taking PVA as an example, crushing one ton of PVA requires about 2 tons of liquid nitrogen, and the cost of one ton of liquid nitrogen is several hundred yuan. The high cost is greatly reduced the profit of the powder factory, and it also greatly limits the competitiveness, resulting in a large number of such powder factories, and low profits.

    In view of the difficult problem of heat-sensitive materials crushing and high cost of crushing, Mr. Liu Ronggui of Shanhe Machinery began research in 2005. After three major technical adjustments and more than 10 technical fine-tuning, he finally made a major breakthrough at the end of 2018.

    From then on, the PVA can be pulverized without the need of liquid nitrogen, and the one-time discharge reaches 120 mesh all-pass. This technology can not only save a lot of cost for the powder factory of many heat sensitive materials (the cost of a ton of several hundred to several thousand yuan), but also the uniform particle size (the fine powder causes the melting speed to be inconsistent).

    This technology is suitable for heat sensitive or tough materials. Welcome to consult.