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CJP Series hammer crusher

Time:2019-09-10 | Tour:1877

CJP hammer mill motor by belt pulley, triangle belt, driving spindle wheel drum hammer for circular motion. When the material enters the crusher chamber, the high speed slewing hammer has tremendous impact kinetic energy broken material; the broken material hits the liner in the tangent direction to achieve the secondary crushing effect; after the second crushing, the material bounces back, once again by the hammer head impact to the qualified material, discharged by the sieve seam, The unqualified material is broken to the qualified material again.


Technical Advantages

1. Applicable materials and wide application range: Hammer crusher series products are suitable for crushing various medium hardness and brittle materials, such as limestone, coal, salt, white Asia, gypsum, alum, brick, tile, coal gangue, etc., which can be widely used in cement, coal preparation, power generation, Building materials, chemicals, metallurgy and compound fertilizer industries.

2. One-time injection molding, large crushing ratio and high production efficiency: The process is simplified, the output is high, the performance is reliable, and the processing capacity is large.

3. Wear-resistant, impact-resistant, energy-saving and environmental protection:Work hammer head, cast by new technology, wear and impact resistance, less wearing parts, easy maintenance.

4, stable operation, good crushing effect: The design of the hammer crusher is beautiful and compact. Each component undergoes strict screening and control, which can achieve long-term normal operation, and the crushing ratio is large, and the product has uniform particle size.

Technical Parameters


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