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Crushing and drying can be solved once

Time:2019-09-11 | Tour:1878

    Many materials need to be dried because too much water seriously affects powder performance. For example, nano-calcium generally requires about 0.3% or even less water. In addition, like precipitation of barium sulfate, water-milled heavy calcium, washed kaolin, there are certain requirements for the moisture content of the finished powder.

    According to the author's observation, these powder factories generally dry and pulverize first, that is, drying and pulverization are generally completed by equipment of different manufacturers.

   The drawbacks of this approach are obvious because of increased power consumption costs, equipment procurement costs, and floor space costs.

In response to this problem, Samhar Machinery Co., Ltd. made certain technical improvements in the company's ultra-fine pulverizer factory, adding a function of passing hot air, so that it can be dried while smashing, and the current technology can adapt to moisture. The material with a content of 2-20% has been widely used in many industries, which not only ensures the fineness of the finished product, but also reduces the water simultaneously, saves the drying cost and improves the overall production capacity, so it is widely accepted by customers. Praise.

   This technology is suitable for materials with higher fineness requirements and reduced moisture. Welcome to consult.