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Can the roller mill be used for high hardness materials?

Time:2019-09-17 | Tour:1918

   The advent of the roller mill was first due to heavy calcium. Because before 2000, heavy calcium above 400 mesh, must use ball mill or German imported crusher. Germany imported Alpine crusher, a set of more than 10 million, before 2000, this is not the equipment that the average powder factory owner can afford. Even with a ball mill, the investment in equipment is a few million dollars. Therefore, these people are also dubbed as local tyrants in the calcium industry.

  This is a Chinese problem and a golden opportunity for the century. The roller mill is only a few hundred thousand. Once it was published, it was madly snapped up by the calcium carbonate. Its grand occasion is no less than the current double 11. The regional manager in charge of the Guangxi market said: At that time, when I arrived in Guangxi, I found the best hotel to stay, and then called the bosses of the calcium plant to talk to the hotel. It was completely a seller's market.

   The effect of making money quickly radiated across the country, because the ring roller mill has small investment, fineness and low energy consumption. In just ten years, the ring roller mill has almost monopolized the national heavy calcium ultra-fine market, and soon Popular in the world.

   It can be said that the ring roller mill developed by the team led by Mr. Liu Ronggui is said to be a major contribution of China to the world's heavy calcium industry. It is not an exaggeration.

   However, the ring roll has a fatal flaw that cannot be used to pulverize high hardness materials. There are two reasons, one is that the wearing parts are not wear-resistant, and the other is that the wear of the wearing parts causes the whiteness of the powder to decrease. For example, quartz, titanium dioxide, kaolin and other high-hardness industries still use the traditional "ball milling + grading" scheme.

   In order to help these powder manufacturers save equipment investment and reduce power consumption, Samhar Machinery uses high-hardness and high-wearing wearing parts on the ring roll mill. The fineness is adjustable from 400-3000 mesh and the wear resistance is high. , does not black, saves more than 30% energy consumption than ball mill or airflow mill.

   This technology is applicable to materials with a Mohs hardness of 3.5-7.