CJM-G Ultrafine mill for needle wollastonite

Time:2019-04-15 | Tour:2534

CJM-G adopts mechanical crushing with shear and rubbing force as the main factor according to the mineralogical characteristics of wollastonite, which is beneficial to the protection of wollastonite crystal form. The product has good aspect ratio, high sedimentation value and adjustable fineness of 200-1250 mesh.


  Product Advantages 』

The ratio of length to diameter of the product is high: the structure of the crushing cavity is characterized by shearing and rubbing force, and the ratio of length to diameter of the product is good, ≥ 15: 1;  Settlement value is 60~80.

 Wearing parts are wear-resistant and low in cost: wearing parts are made of high-hardness alloy, the inner cavity of the main machine and the crushing pair are specially treated, so that the wear-resistant life is increased by 2-3 times, the crushing cost is greatly reduced, and the economic benefit is obvious.

Scientific and technological slag removal and stable performance: The slag removal system can timely discharge high-hardness impurities such as Shi Ying and garnet, greatly reduce equipment wear and facilitate the lifting of output.  The system is produced under negative pressure without dust pollution.