CJM-N Nano-Ca depolymerizing mill

Time:2019-04-15 | Tour:2743

For the nano-calcium and other small primary particles, a certain viscosity, light weight, high surface energy agglomerated materials, mountain and nano-calcium machine using the role of multi-channel high-pressure cyclone flow, using forced route depolymerization, high depolymerization rate. After many improvements, this model has been used by nearly 50 nano-calcium enterprises at home and abroad for many years. The operation effect is good, the fineness of the finished product is small and uniform, no coarse particle pollution, and the output is up to 4 tons per hour.


Technical Advantages

1. High depolymerization rate, no coarse particle pollution: Ingenious design of the SAMHAR nano-calcium machine allows the nano-calcium powder to flow according to the established design route. After multiple powerful eddy current depolymerization processes and high-efficiency classification, it can be fully depolymerized, and the product has good fineness and no coarse particle pollution.

2. Drying one, wide adaptability: The model not only has the depolymerization function, but also has the flash drying function, which can reduce the front drying pressure, and is widely applicable to agglomerated powders with various moisture contents and various hardnesses, and the finished product has good dispersibility.

3. Low maintenance rate and high cost performance: Adopting the ingenious, simple and practical pulverizing sub-structure, it proves in practice that the maintenance rate is extremely low, the pulverizing pair is durable, and the power consumption and the cost of use have great advantages, and the energy saving is 30~50% compared with similar products.

Technical Parameters