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Samhar is serious about taking the road of green development!

Time:2020-09-12 | Tour:841

Abstract:What are the advantages of Samhar Smart Calcium Hydroxide Production Line?

As China strengthens environmental governance, energy conservation and emission reduction gradually deepen, all kinds of enterprises need to continuously transform and upgrade.Our company also actively responds to the harmonious unity of corporate economic benefits, ecological benefits and social benefits, actively fulfills corporate social responsibilities, and combines the company's reality to strive to transform into a manufacturing enterprise that meets the requirements of high-quality development in the new era.

 For machinery and equipment manufacturers, what we need to do is to manufacture industrial equipment that is harmless to ecology and society.In this regard, our company has invested huge manpower and material resources in the research and development of calcium hydroxide dust-free and intensive production equipment.Finally,Samhar Smart Calcium Hydroxide production line will be Succeeded in 2020. This production line adopts the PLC control system independently developed by Samhar, which solves the problems of poor digestion process controllability, noise, dust, and slag in the market.

What are the advantages of Samhar Smart Calcium Hydroxide Production Line?

1. Environmental protection, low noise and dust-free, integrated building structure, high concentration, reducing land area.

2. Automatic intelligent control production, frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic and precise water distribution.

3. Strong quality control, better powder quality.

4. Quick response, high scalability and flexibility.

5. Friendly man-machine user interface.

6. Self-developed and remote after-sales.

7. Provide customized services according to user needs.

8. The configuration is reasonable and simple, and the operation is more stable. Daily maintenance and repair are simple and fast.

9.Equipped with samhar calcium hydroxide hammer mill with slag discharge function to make the powder more pure.

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