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SHM-309 was officially put into production in Guangxi

Time:2020-10-05 | Tour:776

Abstract:Samhar ultra-fine ring roller mill is mainly used for ultra-fine grinding of non-metallic ores, and is widely used in industries such as heavy calcium, barite, dolomite, and phosphate rock.

In September 2020, with the joint efforts of our after-sales technicians and customers, our SHM-309 large ultra-fine ring roller mill was installed and debugged in place and entered the trial production stage.

As we all know, the ring roller mill has certain disadvantages in terms of output due to its small equipment. Samhar SHM-309 adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, and is a large-scale equipment based on competitive advantages built for the purpose of improving the efficiency of ring roller mills. Provide customers with better solutions. The grinding diameter of Samhar SHM-309 ring roller mill is about 1100mm, which is equivalent to a small vertical mill. This set of equipment has been operating stably in the Vietnamese market for more than three years, achieving zero failures.

The SHM-309 superfine powder equipment put into production in Hezhou, Guangxi this time, has been fully affirmed by customers in terms of fineness and output. When producing 800 mesh powder, the output can reach 6.5t/h; when producing 3,500 mesh powder, the output can reach 1.1t/h, of which the content of 2 microns is as high as 70%, breaking the record of 60% in the Vietnamese market. The product sedimentation value is 2.2, which has successfully helped powder companies produce powders with more market advantages.