CJM-P bentonite special crusher

Time:2019-04-15 | Tour:2278

The CJM-P type pulverizer is based on the needs of the bentonite (concave) industry and is improved on the basis of the CJM series impact pulverizer. This model adopts a special vertical high-precision grading system with appropriate pulverizing ability, so the particle size distribution is concentrated, and the powder is too coarse or too fine. CJM-P type pulverizer has a high-efficiency and high-efficiency slagging device, which can effectively remove impurities and improve product purity. It is an ideal new type of equipment.


Technical Advantages

1. High classification accuracy: The company independently produces vertical grading system. The grading wheel has a unique structure and has a number of advanced technologies. The cutting size is narrow, the powder is evenly concentrated, and there is no coarse particle pollution. It can be freely adjusted from 2 to 100 microns.

2. Technology slag discharge and high utilization rate of raw materials: The CJM-P type pulverizer has a built-in slagging device, and the slag material is discharged along the slag wall ring below the classifier and is discharged. This helps to improve product purity and increase raw material utilization. The collection system uses a negative pressure fully enclosed pulse bag to collect the powder, and the dust is not leaked, which meets environmental protection requirements.

3. Simple structure, less maintenance and maintenance: The CJM-P type crusher main bearing has no direct contact with the powder, and the stator and the rotor have no direct contact, so the equipment is durable and almost maintenance-free.

The main technical parameters